Tips for getting your home ready for winter

Who knows what winter this year will bring? Last year was pretty tough, and we hit some really low t[Read more]

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from Wayne Homes

Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to gather with friends and family and reflect on what we are gr[Read more]

DIY holiday decor for a stunning winter home

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another religious wintertime celebration or don’t subsc[Read more]

You’re invited to a very custom Open House

We use the words “custom floorplan” and “custom home design” a lot around the Wayne Homes un[Read more]

Interior design insight with Eric Mandil of Mandil, Inc.

Working with a wide range of professionals is one of the great things about building a home with the[Read more]
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Who knows what winter this year will bring? Last year was pretty tough, and we hit some really low temperatures around our Wayne Homes neck of the woods. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the [more]
Wayne Homes News & Events
Halloween is a special time of year around the Wayne Homes universe, and that’s in big part thanks to our annual Halloween Contest, now in its 6th year. We love the opportunity to bring past, presen [more]
Featured Floorplans
Part of the reason we’re consistently rated as one of the best homebuilders in the area - and a favorite among our customers - is our commitment to always improving. In an ever-changing industry lik [more]
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Anybody who has paid attention to the news the last few years or so knows that the home buying and building market can be both hard to predict and quick to change. If you’ve been thinking about b [more]

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